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Colorado Arms Repair
Henry Valenzano
1705 N. Chestnut St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Phone 719-634-1484




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Inspecting & troubleshooting Strip Clean & Inspect
Accuracy tuning Smoothing and tuning a revolver action
Sight Installation & Adjustments Stock repair or replacement
Choke Installation Swivel installation
Repairs to receiver Recoil pad replacement
Trigger Assy. repair / fitting Bedding a barrel / action
FFL Transfers Repair or replace firing pin
  Repairs to safety
  Colors Bluing
FFL Transfers are now $30.00 per firearm





Tuesday 9:am- 6:pm

Wed 9:am - 6:pm

Thurs 9:am - 6:pm

Friday 9:am - 6:pm

Saturday 9:am - 5:pm

Sunday : Closed

Monday : Closed


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